Being involved in a home-based business is not unlike working at a job that you really enjoy. The main difference of course, is it you’re working for yourself instead of your employer. That being said, it’s important to remember that while you are very passionate about your business and the many benefits that it offers both to customers and to people wanting to earn an income don’t lose your friends being overzealous and one-dimensional.

When you are prospecting for potential business partners, I recommend a thoughtful but casual approach. An easy way to find out if your friends would be interested in working with you in your home-based business is to ask them if they know of anybody who would like to earn some extra money. “George, the wife and I have just started our own business and were looking for some people who would be interested in working with us would you happen to know of anyone?”

If your friend says something like”I might be interested what is it?” Let them know that you don’t have time right now to discuss it but ask them if they would be open to getting together at another time. There is a huge temptation to jump all over your friend’s curiosity but you don’t want to be appearing to be too eager and you also want to have an opportunity to discuss your business without any distractions. Think of yourself as an employer and not a hunter……