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Simple Copyrighting Tips That Have Massive Impact...


Chuck Guyett

The words you use on your sales pages can have a massive impact on the results you get. In this video, I share with you five common mistakes that people make when they create their sales copy; as well as, what you can do to easily correct them.

5 Most Common Mistakes include:

1.      Your Message is Confusing

2.      Your Message Does Not Create Curiosity

3.      Your Message Does Not Show A Relevant Benefit

4.      Your Message is Overloaded With Content – No Focus

5.      Your Message Does Not Create A Sense Of Urgency To Act

I believe that working smart is way better than working hard and along with that comes a huge saving in time and money.

Copywriting – See What The Elite Use

If you're going to go to the trouble of creating of video, posting it on YouTube, ensuring that it has proper SEO, hosting it on the page, creating links to it and syndicating it on different online sites why not get your “Sales Copy written properly.

Hiring a copywriter is extremely expensive and is unnecessary. There are software programs that can help you with creating compelling copy and show you how to use different sales styles. - An easy way to get professional results which is simple to do and works like "Gangbusters" - Simply take a look at what the top marketers have on their sales pages and then reverse engineer it on to your sites... Just don't copy verbatum. 

I have used the above approach before and it works great but there are times when I really want to put an optin page together fast and the method below can help you do just that. It actually includes a number of copyrighting styles by the industry's best. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and answer a few questions.

Sales Copy All Done For You...

If you want to take your sales copy to a higher level and be able to do it in a few clicks then checkout Easy VSL - Mark Thompson has it as one of his lead products and I have found him to be a a very honest guy. Click the Banner below for a video demo.







Chuck is Christian, a Husband, a Father, a Grandfather and a Foster Parent. Most of Chuck's working life has been devoted to serving others. Over the past 20 years, Chuck has helped hundreds of troubled and delinquent Youth cope emotionally as they went through a critical time in their lives.

 In 2000, Chuck Guyett began what would later become a successful career in the Network and Affiliate Marketing industry. He got involved in sales when Pat (his wife Pat now of  40 years), was diagnosed with cancer and could no longer work.

 Chuck has earned awards for leadership/sales achievements and has taught thousands of marketers how to sell using the phone.

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