How To Handle Objections In Your Network Marketing Business


Chuck Guyett

Objection Handling Can be Scary at First

Objection handling can be very scary when you first get started in your network marketing business. It's easy to take an objection as a personal slight toward yourself and I've seen a lot of people quit when people rejected joining their business.

Objections Are A Good Thing

The truth is, objections are a good thing because they tell you what your prospect's concern is. Every person situation is different and everyone's so it's natural that your prospect may have questions that need to be answered. Remember that when you get an objection you're getting a buying signal- it shows you that your prospect was listening to your business presentation and it's telling you that they're interested.

3 Main Objections

The number one reason why most people don't join your business has absolutely nothing to do with time, money their spouse or simply a need to think about it. The reason that most people don't join is because of one of three reasons:
1. Does it work
2. Can I do it
3. Will you help me

When the presentation is over it's important to assume that your prospect is going to join you. Turn to your prospect and say wasn't that awesome, and put your hand up to get a high five. Remember the people buy on emotion not on logic. If you try to start selling the person on the income or the efficacy of your product or service you're going to sound like you're a salesperson. When you sound like a salesperson than your prospect is going to feel like that's what they're going to have to become and in most cases, they'll say no.

Five steps in Handling Objection

1. Listen – listen to your prospect's concern without interrupting.
2. Understand – once your prospect has given you their concern repeated back to them so that your clear what the objection is.
3. Respond – provide a possible solution
4. Confirm – ask if the solution you gave would work for them
5. Continue – put your hand up for high five and say with a smile “so you're in right!”


Chuck is Christian, a Husband, a Father, a Grandfather and a Foster Parent. Most of Chuck's working life has been devoted to serving others. Over the past 20 years, Chuck has helped hundreds of troubled and delinquent Youth cope emotionally as they went through a critical time in their lives.

 In 2000, Chuck Guyett began what would later become a successful career in the Network and Affiliate Marketing industry. He got involved in sales when Pat (his wife Pat now of  40 years), was diagnosed with cancer and could no longer work.

 Chuck has earned awards for leadership/sales achievements and has taught thousands of marketers how to sell using the phone.

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