How to Have Success in Network Marketing

Even When 95% are Failing


Chuck Guyett

A Blueprint for Success

Imagine for a moment that you want to build a new home. You know that you are going to need to have lumber, Windows, doors and a whole host of other building supplies. Since you don’t have the skills to build a home yourself you know that you’re going to need to hire a contractor to build it for you.

After doing your due diligence you have found a contractor that you believe can build a house you way you want it. The question is, have you given much thought to the way you want home laid out?

Before a single nail is ever put into wood you need to have the blueprints designed. Once the contractor knows exactly what he is going to build, he can then go to work and create your dream home.


Begin with A Vision of Why

Building a home-based business also begins with a vision. Over the years I have found that most people fail in their businesses because they get too caught up in “the how to do it” rather than putting their focus on their “why they want to do a business from home”.

The reason I believe that many people get caught in this trap of “paralysis through analysis” is because they didn’t begin their business with their vision of “WHY” they wanted to do a business in the first place.

It may be that their friend or associate sold them on the idea of making a bunch of money and without any time to think about the amount of time and effort that would be involved in building a business and the concrete reasons why they would want to invest it, they paid their MLM Startup fee.

Easy In – Easy Out

Since the new entrepreneur did not have their “WHY” established, once they started getting a bunch of rejection from people that they knew and respected, coupled with a very low initial investment they quit.

If you are serious about building a business, then you need to take on an attitude of “I will work at my business until I succeed”. Building a business should not be a frivolous decision you need to have commitment if you were to have any hope for success.

The old cliché: “quitters never win, and winners never quit” is extremely true.

How to Create Your Vision

Take out three blank sheets of paper and on the first one right out your life as it is. On the second sheet of paper write out your life the way you would like to

 see it be.


On the third sheet of paper write out the things that you are prepared to do in order to achieve the life that you described on the second sheet of paper.

Also, write on that paper all the obstacles that you believe you will face and what you will do to overcome them.

Example: Rejection by a friend or associate about joining your business – when this happens, I will smile, wish them well and let them know that if they change their mind to give me a call. I will remind myself that I am only looking for the people that are looking.

You have decided to build a business because you want to have more from life than what your job can provide. It is important to remember that not everybody wants to have more out of life as you do and that’s okay.

How to Keep Your Eyes on The Prize

My coach told me that I needed to keep “my eyes on the prize at all times” and suggested that I create a vision card and a vision board.

My vision card had on it “I am so happy and grateful now that I [my goal]” the card spoke in the affirmative. In other words, it stated that I already had achieved my goal and that I was happy and grateful for it.

My vision board was a collection of images that represented the things that I wanted to achieve in exchange for my time and money to acquire them.

If you begin your business with the end in mind [Your Why] and have this written down, you have a much higher chance for achieving success in your network marketing business than the 95% that don’t.


Chuck is Christian, a Husband, a Father, a Grandfather and a Foster Parent. Most of Chuck's working life has been devoted to serving others. Over the past 20 years, Chuck has helped hundreds of troubled and delinquent Youth cope emotionally as they went through a critical time in their lives.

 In 2000, Chuck Guyett began what would later become a successful career in the Network and Affiliate Marketing industry. He got involved in sales when Pat (his wife Pat now of  40 years), was diagnosed with cancer and could no longer work.

 Chuck has earned awards for leadership/sales achievements and has taught thousands of marketers how to sell using the phone.

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