My name is Chuck, and I would like to welcome you!
My focus for this site is to help you learn how to market your business using video on the Internet and at the same time cut through the B.S. that is so common now all over the net. Learning the hard way can be very, very expensive and with little chance of success.
Success Leaves Clues
I began learning how to generate Leads with video in 2008. During the past 8 years I have had some amazing coaches that taught me how to create videos that rank on Page 1 of Google. I have also been burned many times by slick marketers that were quick to take my money, but gave me little back in actual value.
I learned the hard way that a Mentor is
worth his weight in Gold.
When I began marketing, I started offline and it was in a Network Marketing Business using a Friends and Family approach. The couple that signed me into the business were very helpful. They would do 3 way calls with me and even came to my city and did business presentations to help me recruit new leaders. They understood that if they helped me grow my business, their business would grow also.

Later the company began marketing online and the leaders again helped me get the best converting websites and tools to increase my team's growth.

Because of the great coaching I received, I became a top phone recruiter in my Network Marketing business and each week I held a training call where hundreds of people would listen to me sign new people up into my business. The problem I had was that the Leads I was using to make calls were expensive although worth every penny to me.
BIG - Expensive Mistake
At some point I thought I could build my business faster based on the advice of marketers not in my business. They told me I could get Leads from the Internet, the problem was .... HOW?

Still, because of the amazing wealth of potential leads that I could reach with the Internet, I began listening to the advice of slick compelling marketing pitches and began buying tools, training and systems that were described as "Must Have" if I was "really serious about on line sales".
Unlike the advice and recommendations of the Leaders in my Network Marketing business that profited when I did (Win - Win), this new group of business coaches offering me help were only focused on getting as much of my money as they could. 
Funny - they spoke the same language of concern and support, but when I bought based on their recommendations, I found myself only to be presented with yet another "Must Have Tool" within a few days of purchasing. So agreeing with them that I indeed was serious, and wanted to take my "online/offline" business to the next level, I would pull out my credit card and buy again and again.....

My wife will tell you that I am stubborn and no quitter..... this buying cycle actually went on for years. I rationalized my insanity, by comparing it to attending college..... after all I was "learning" how to do marketing and that can take years. 
Looking back now I realize that my "Network Marketing Mentor" really cared about my success, because he earned more when I did; however, the marketers selling me all the tools and courses only made more money if I bought more STUFF.

Does the above sound familiar?   If you have a mentor with a vested interest in your success, he is going to be committed to genuinely helping you. 
This was a tough lesson to learn and just like the gambler believing that the next roll of the dice will make him wealthy, the same is true for people buying software after software and course after course - "If I just buy this one tool/course, I will make lots of money on line."   
Until you decide to become a Marketer instead of customer, you are doomed to be just like the mouse on the treadmill - working hard getting no where (except in credit card debt!)   
To save us both some time and to
make sure we are A Fit 
Let Me Ask You A Few Questions....

1. Do You Want To Learn How To Earn A Living From Home?
2. Do You Want More Leads For Your Business?
3. Do You Want To Learn How To Generate Your Own Leads?
4. Do You Want To Know The Best Marketing Tools To Have?
5. Do You Want Free Help From An Experienced Marketer?
If You Answered Yes To The 5 Questions
I Listed Above, Congratulations!
You Are At The Right Place!
Ignorance Can Be Expensive 
Most people that want to build a home business income, typically start with tons of enthusiasm but have no idea how to make it happen. They may see some Ad on one of the many Websites on the internet promising that if  they "just follow this simple plan..."  
The majority of people want a) something that is "Easy" b) something that works "Fast" c) something that has Social Proof  (testimonials that imply anyone can succeed) and Savvy Marketers know this. Millions of dollars are paid to people that write sales copy so that people pull out their credit cards and buy the "Easy, Fast, Proven" software or marketing system.

Note: There is nothing inherently wrong with Social Proof but always remember  - buyer beware - often what is "not said" in a testimonial is the very thing you need to know, for you to make the best investment decision.
Clarity - People that sell solutions are not all "really" focused on helping you earn an income. Most I have found, are only interested in selling you something and then move on to the next customer... 
Sadly, there are a large number of marketers that are not selling real solutions, they simply echo in print or on video, what they believe you want to hear. They take your money and within a few months are no where to  be found.
There is a Cliche' that states: "If you help enough people get what they want you will get all that what you want." 
What You Will Discover On My Site...
Coaching you how to do Leads generation with Video Marketing via Social Media and Blogging. I know some of you that will take my training and tool recommendations and go your own way.... I also know that some are looking to partner with a Leader that can help them build a business. So either way, welcome and I am excited to share what I believe can make a true difference.
My Primary Focus
On My Blog 
 Articles Related to various types of Lead Generation
a) Free Resources 
I have put together a collection of free tools for people on my Email List. These are tools that are totally free and can be very handy to have - some which I use almost daily.
b) Tools To Purchase
 Marketing Tools that I personally recommend you consider based on the kind of marketing you do.
c) Mentoring 
If you are looking for someone to take you by the hand - step by step and help you build an online business. Note I do Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing so helping you succeed is how I earn my income by receiving over-ride commissions on your sales. So based on this fact it only makes sense that I help you build a successful business.
 I can't guarantee your success, as there are far to many variables that are outside of my control. You may be lazy with zero work ethic, don't follow my coaching etc.  Success in business cannot be bought! Success requires 100% commitment and an unwillingness to quit until you reach your goal! 
 But..... I do believe that if you do enough of the right things, the right way long enough, it is impossible to fail!
My Favorite Quote: 
I must do today what others won't, so that tomorrow, I can have what others can't!
My Commitment To You.....
You carry your 50 Bricks and I will carry my 50 Bricks.... Sound Fair?
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Mentored by Chuck
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